New way of blogging

It's been 3 days since I stopped blogging on my telegram channel. I do understand that sharing with your experience is must do thing as I'm striving to improve our current Uzbek IT Community. In order to achieve this, I have to create resources that will be enough informative and yet easy to find when needed. Telegram's indexing system does not provide such feature. Therefore, I decided to continue micro blogging my thoughts and experience on my personal website.

My blogs will be written in long read format and try to be informative as much as possible. I will try to cover all the details and provide links to the resources and also make references to existing sources. I've been inspired by Yetim Dasturchi to start blogging in this format.

As of you, my dear subbies, just checkout my RSS feeds located at

By the way, my short posts will be posted on my twitter profile at So, you're welcome to follow me there and stay keep in touch.

Keep programming, stop coding! Deez nuts...