Persistent Custom App Icons

I created Dusk to make my dock look more visually harmonious. LiteIcon does a great job of automating the icon changing process, but every time I opened Discord, the dock icon reverted back to default. Not cool.

Original Discord Icon in Dock

It happens to other Electron applications (Hyper, VSCode) over time. Even Safari reverts back occasionally. It's frustratingly ugly. Let's fix it.

Find the application in Finder and right click to "Show Package Contents".

Show Package Contents on

Navigate to Contents/Resources/. Here, electron.icns is the culprit. Let's replace it with our custom icon.

electron.icns in Contents/Resources Folder

We'll need to convert our custom .png icon from Dusk (or anywhere else) to an .icns file. MacOS ships with the command line tool sips to help with this.

Run the following from the command line, replacing ICON as needed.

sips -s format icns ICON.png --out ICON.icns

Move your new .icns file into the previously opened Resources/ folder. I like to save the old icon by renaming it, just in case I have to revert later. Rename your new file to match the old (in this case, electron.icns).

New electron.icns File

Restart the app, and your custom application icon should persist!

Much better