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Trigger Warning

This page contains blackjack and hookers, and bad jokes such as this one.

  • All tricks in this page are performed by the lab boys, don’t try this at home
  • Don’t expose yourself to 4000° kelvin
  • Don’t take party escort submission position
  • Don’t interact with asbestos and moon rocks

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This is a normal paragraph following a header. Codeberg is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere.

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When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

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// Javascript code with syntax highlighting
var fun = function lang(l) {
  dateformat.i18n = require("./lang/" + l);
  return true;
# Ruby code with syntax highlighting
GitHubPages::Dependencies.gems.each do |gem, version|
  s.add_dependency(gem, "= #{version}")

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  1. This is an ordered list following a header.
  2. This is an ordered list following a header.
  3. This is an ordered list following a header.
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head1head twothree
okgood swedish fishnice
out of stockgood and plentynice
okgood oreoshmm
okgood zoute dropyumm

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Codeberg icon

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Codeberg horizontal

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The final element.


Alright now that the generic (slightly extended) Jekyll Zola demo page have ended, we can get to the custom stuff, which believe me, is neat.



Duckquill provides a few useful shortcodes that simplify some tasks.


GitHub-style alerts. Simply wrap the text of desired alert inside the shortcode to get the desired look.

Available alert types:

{% alert(note=true) %}
-> Alert text <-
{% end %}


Useful information that users should know, even when skimming content.


Helpful advice for doing things better or more easily.


Key information users need to know to achieve their goal.


Urgent info that needs immediate user attention to avoid problems.


Advises about risks or negative outcomes of certain actions.


By default images come with styling, such as rounded corners and shadow. To fine-tune these, you can use shortcodes with different variable combinations.

Available variables are:

Variables should be comma-separated and be inside the brackets.

{{ image(url="image.png", alt="This is an image" no_hover=true) }}
Portal Gun blueprint
Image with an alt text and without zoom on hover
The gravestone of J.P.G.
Image with compressed version, an alt text, and without zoom on hover

Alternatively, you can append the following URL anchors. It can be more handy in some cases, e.g such images will render normally in any Markdown editor, opposed to the Zola shortcodes.

Toolbx header image

Full-width image with an alt text, pixel-art rendering, no shadow and rounded corners, and no zoom on hover

1966 Ford Mustang coupe white Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Ut enim aeque doleamus animo, cum corpore dolemus, fieri tamen permagna accessio potest, si aliquod aeternum et infinitum impendere malum nobis opinemur.

Picture of the magnificent lej da staz just before sunrise in october


Same as images, but with a few differences: no_hover and url_min are not available.

{{ video(url="video.webm", alt="This is a video") }}
WebM video example from MDN


Alright, this one doesn’t simplify anything, it just adds a CRT-like effect around Markdown code blocks.

{% crt() %}
-> Markdown code block <-
{% end %}
|.'',        Public_Library_Halls         ,''.|
|.'.'',                                 ,''.'.|
|.'.'.'',                             ,''.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'',                         ,''.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|                         |.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|===;                 ;===|.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|:::|',             ,'|:::|.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|---|'.|, _______ ,|.'|---|.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|---|','   /%%%\   ','|---|.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.'.|===:'    /%%%%%\    ':===|.'.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.'.','       /%%%%%%%%%\       ','.'.'.'.|
|.'.'.','        /%%%%%%%%%%%\        ','.'.'.|
|.'.','         /%%%%%%%%%%%%%\         ','.'.|
|.','          /%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%\          ','.|


Media can have additional text description using the <figcaption> HTML tag directly under it.

![The Office](
<figcaption>The image caption</figcaption>

The Office

The Office where Stanley works, it has yellow floor and beige walls


I can be a spoiler, I can be a long text, I could be anything.


Cute duck


Small, cute text that doesn’t catch attention.


The ASCII art are awesome!


A quill is a writing tool made from a moulted flight feather (preferably a primary wing-feather) of a large bird. Quills were used for writing with ink before the invention of the dip pen, the metal-nibbed pen, the fountain pen, and, eventually, the ballpoint pen.

As with the earlier reed pen (and later dip pen), a quill has no internal ink reservoir and therefore needs to periodically be dipped into an inkwell during writing. The hand-cut goose quill is rarely used as a calligraphy tool anymore because many papers are now derived from wood pulp and would quickly wear a quill down. However it is still the tool of choice for a few scribes who have noted that quills provide an unmatched sharp stroke as well as greater flexibility than a steel pen.

Keyboard shortcut

<kbd>⌘ Super</kbd> + <kbd>Space</kbd>

To switch the keyboard layout, press ⌘ Super + Space.


You know what? I’m gonna say some very important stuff, so important that even bold is not enough.

Deleted and Inserted

<del>Text deleted</del> <ins>Text added</ins>

Text deleted Text added

Progress bar

<progress value="33" max="100"></progress>

Sample Output

<samp>Sample Output</samp>

Sample Output

Inline Quote

<q>Inline Quote</q>

Blah blah Inline Quote hmm.

Grammar Mistakes

<u>Trying to replicate grammar mistakes</u>

Yeet the sus drip while vibing with the TikTok fam on a cap-free boomerang.

<a class="external" href="">Link to site</a>

Link to site


<div class="dialog-buttons">
  <a class="inline-button" href="#top">Go to Top</a>
  <a class="inline-button colored external" href="{{ config.extra.issues_url }}">File an Issue</a>

Look at the end of this page xD

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