• Stabilize all APIs of Xinux
  • Create server edition of Xinux
  • Release workstation version of Xinux with GNOME
  • Release public version of Korrektor API
  • Release desktop application for Korrektor on Qt & Tauri
  • Connect Havo with Osmon and make it single binary
  • Rewrite Garbage Collector of Bulut


  • Write it down
  • Start writing important articles on website
  • Turn telegram channel into Twitter shitpost
  • Write predictions for 2023 on website blog
  • Write useful libraries & frameworks to learn


  • Work on Mad Maid's structure
  • Bootstrap ~secret~ project
  • Create obfuscation for microservices

Done (Long Past)

  • Optimize the bulut to be compliant with any architecture x86_64
  • Write osmon and cli with debugger
  • Add ARM and ARM64 support for bulut


  • Create a platform for FinClub of WIUT
  • Start porting blogs from Telegram channel
  • Port all posts from telegram to website
  • Deploy cloud bulut with SDK
  • Release the first stable version of osmon